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Strategies and Goals

Huafon Group develops and keeps going with the times since its establishment in 1991.

According to the plan for sustainable development in future, Huafon Group will continue abiding by the development strategies of “strengthening main business, optimizing business diversification and integrating industry and finance”, insist on making innovation in technology, mechanism, management and culture, and strive for rapid growth towards the vision of “building the world’s leading high quality new material supplier” and the ambitious goal of “Achieving One Hundred Billion Output, Fostering Century-old Brand”.

For this goal, Huafon Group has reached a consensus in sustainable development for what to do, why to do and how to do.

Everyday Huafon Group manifests its belief in action: we will change life through innovation, and in further to it, we will create future with heart.

Become a leading global partner of new materials is
the development vision of Huafon Group.

In future, Huafon Group will build itself into a large modern enterprise group with first-rate management, perfect service, first class engineering, superior technology, high quality and famous brand.
Common Huafon, Common Future! Huafon will move persistently to realize its goals step by step.

Short-term goalRanking NO.1 nationwide, Expanding globally
Take the lead in domestic market share of the entered industry
Take the lead in technical level and manufacturing capacity
Take the lead in enterprise comprehensive management capability
Mid-term goalRealizing sustainable development, Taking the lead in the entered industry
Guiding the worlds PU technology trends
Be capable of regulating international market
Become a brand with international competitiveness
Being well-known worldwide and first-class globally
Integrate globally-advantageous strategic resources
Take more social responsibilities
Become the worlds famous brand and a leader of the industry

Strategic Goals
Strategic goals of Huafon Group consist of enterprise image goal, operation management goal and technology development goal.
Enterprise image goal: Huafon Group integrates green enterprise image with industry leading image and integrity open image organically so as to finally realize the goal of fostering excellent enterprise image.
Operation management goal: Huafon Group strives to take the lead in manufacturing technique, production technology in the entered industry nationwide and worldwide. Moderate capital operation will be conducted continuously to build Huafon into a modern enterprise group with coordinated growth based on advanced manufacturing industry and modern financial service. It is planned to achieve annual business income of 100 billion Yuan by 2020 (the end of 13th Five-year Plan), and become the worlds leading supplier of high quality new materials.
Technological development goal: Huafon Group regards technological progress as important foundation to ensure realization of enterprise development strategies, realizes transformation from separated innovation to continuous innovation, from partial innovation to serial innovation and from individual innovation to collective innovation through overall implementation of technological innovation strategies, finally realizing its transformation to a technological enterprise.
Strategic Planning

In future, Huafon Group will continue its industrial restructuring, transformation and upgrading, form powerful crisscrossed industrial chains under reasonable market/region layout in the industrial fields involved through investment, merger, competition and cooperation etc. Huafon Group will also expedite development of modern service industry to realize its leaping development which is being promoted by such industries as finance, trade, logistics and real estate etc.

Huafon Group will abide by the guidelines of utilizing advantages, highlighting unique features, maximizing strengths whilst minimizing weaknesses and seizing opportunities, implement Related Diversification strategy in futures manufacturing industry development, with existing PU industrial base we will mainly extend it to polyamide industrial chains, develop pure benzene-nylon product chains and propylene-polyether polyol industrial chains, take active involvement in the field of chemical new materials, special chemicals with huge market potential so as to make Huafon Groups chemical business gradually upgraded from the middle of PU industrial chains.