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attaching equal importance to morality and benefit, virtue and behavior

Huafon Group and its industrial companies abide by the principle of attaching equal importance to morality and benefit, virtue and behavior, try to employ locals with healthy body and high cultural quality, train their business/technical level to realize win-win situation of enterprise business benefit and local economy so as to foster good social image and make Huafon Brand more popular. Besides solving localization employment, Huafon Group also recruits professional senior/middle-level talents nationwide according to workforce needs, which lays solid foundation for its healthy development. While growing rapidly, Huafon Group actively assumes social responsibilities according to the requirements of our Party and Country, offers more benefits to the society with growth achievements, effectively promotes development of local economy, maintains local society stability and realizes harmonious win-win situation of our enterprise and local society.

Huafon Chengzhi Student Subsidies Foundation

Huafon donated 10 million Yuan to Ruian Red Cross to set up Huafon Chengzhi Student Subsidies Foundation. Since establishment, this foundation has helped 531 students to receive education, provided more than 6 million Yuan student subsidies.

Wenzhou University Huafon Morality Award

In 2012, Huafon donated 10 million Yuan to set up Wenzhou University Huafon Morality Award, to establish distinctive moral value orientation for finding moral models around us, creating atmosphere of learning from moral models, respecting moral models, caring moral models and striving to become moral models.

According to incomplete statistics, Huafon has donated more than 100 million Yuan for flood/earthquake disaster rescue, education assistance, poverty alleviation and tree planting etc. These donations reflect Huafons heavy Green Responsibility. Huafon Group was honored Outstanding Contribution Unit (Enterprise) Award of China Charity.

Popularizing Environment Protection Awareness

We firmly believe that environment protection is closely related to joint efforts made by the whole society as well as active participation of every enterprise citizen. We cooperate with public environment service organizations, governments and partners to take part in public benefit activities, conduct colorful low-carbon creative practice activities, jointly promote environment construction and popularize environment protection awareness.

Building Forest Ruian

Huafon donated 10 million Yuan to build Forest Ruian.

Afforesting Yangtze River, Chongqing Action

Huafon donated 10 million Yuan to the project of planting trees along Yangtze River on October 8, 2010.

Building beautiful water land

Huafon donated 10 million Yuan to help Ruian to conduct Joint Governance of Five Waters (treating waste water, preventing flood water, drain excess water, ensuring water supply and advocating water conservation).