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people foremost, safety first, environment protection preferential


HSE philosophy: people foremost, safety first, environment protection preferential

Safety education and Training

In order to enhance self protection awareness of all staff, Huafon Group organizes various large-scale safety management training classes, invites well-known experts and industry leaders to give lessons, enriches managerial knowledges of safety management staff and improves their management level. Its affiliated enterprises also conduct multilayer safety training activities to promote staff safety prevention skills (photos of companies' safety training classes).

Emergency Safety Control

Huafon Group is highly responsible for staff and the society, continuously improves construction of various emergency rescue systems during safe production, integrates resources to actively conduct emergency rescue activities, improves emergency handling capability of preventing emergency accidents from happening, thus guarding safety of all enterprise staff (refer to diagram 18).

Dangerous Chemicals Management

Huafon Group strictly refers to relevant stipulations in "Hazardous Articles Safety Management Regulations" to implement storage, transportation and waste control for hazardous articles in order to enhance safe production management level, and realize safe production guidelines of "comprehensive management, all staff participation, continuous improvement".

As for dangerous chemicals management, each affiliated enterprise insists on the guidelines of "safety first, taking precautions, comprehensive management", highlights and specifies the main responsibility in transportation, storage and use.

Employment staff can start work when they are assessed to be qualified after safety education and training. Affiliated units conduct environment damage appraisal and environment risk assessment for dangerous chemicals once every year, to determine the dangerous chemicals requiring focal environment control.

Dangerous chemicals are stored in special warehouses, areas or storerooms, and kept by specially-assigned staff. Noxious chemicals and other dangerous chemicals that their storage quantity results in major hazard sources must be stored separately. Full-time staff is specially assigned to faithfully record the quantity, trace of noxious chemicals, explosion-causing chemicals being stored or used. Necessary safety prevention measures must be taken to prevent noxious chemicals, explosion-causing chemicals from losing or steeling.

Environment Protection Training

Huafon Group actively organizes, conducts environment protection propaganda activities, popularizes energy saving knowledges and enhances staff's energy conservation awareness by adopting various propaganda means such as playing environment protection movies, offering trainings, and setting up propaganda topics on Group's website etc. All industrial companies also conduct propaganda activities in various forms according to Group's arrangements to make energy-saving awareness deeply rooted in heart.

Energy Conservation and Emission Control

Huafon Group seriously implements "Energy Conservation Law of PRC" and State Policies Regarding Energy Conservation and Emission Control, insists on the guidelines of "promoting harmonious development between enterprise and environment with scientific development outlook, continuously improving staff quality, actively fulfilling responsibilities and obligations of energy conservation and emission control, expediting energy conservation and emission control with scientific technology". Strengthen organizing management of energy conservation work, improve energy management organization and measurement, statistical system, improve energy management system and energy conservation assessment methods. Invest more funds in energy conservation and emission control, actively develop, apply energy conservation technology, promote overall upgrading of industry by technically transforming existing production system and constructing new projects from high starting point. Adjust industry structure and product structure to reduce energy consumption per unit of output value and realize energy conservation and emission control.

Environment Assessment System For Newly-built Projects

Huafon Group always insists on developing new projects on the premise of environment potection, strictly reflects environment protection in Group and its industrial companies according to National Environment Assessment System For Newly-built Projects.

Equipment Renewal

Huafon Group coordinates energy conservation and emission control with safe production, critical technological problems tackling, vigorously promotes technological innovation in its affiliated enterprises to eliminate high energy consumption and low efficiency electrical equipments as well as a batch of under-developed technologies, and finishes planned target of energy conservation and emission control, fulfills responsibilities private enterprises should assume.

Cyclic Economy

Make full use of any available resources, recycle waste materials, change them into economic benefits. Huafon Group always makes such a construction philosophy rooted in development and construction of every industrial base, and implements it seriously, which has reduced emission of "Three Wastes(waste water, waste gas and industrial residue)", and achieved good social benefits and economic benefits.

Energy Conservation and Technological Upgrading Projects (diagram)
Comprehensive Energy Consumption Table of Group's Industrial Companies(diagram)
Main Pollution Source Governance(diagram)
Environment Protection Total Investment, Energy Consumption Per Unit of Output Value,
Water Consumption Per Unit of Output Value, Sulfurous Gas Emission Load, COD Emission Load Emission Reduction(diagram)

"people foremost, safe development"


Huafon Group insists on the principle of "people foremost, safe development", attaches importance to staff's occupational healthy and safety, formulates occupational health and safety management system covering external contractors and all company members, furnishes related work posts with perfect protective equipments, strengthens safety supervision and check, mobilizes all company members to participate in safety management, establishes heath files for all staff, arranges their physical examination annually. There have been no occupational diseases since Goup company was established.